Customer Reviews Policy

Our commitment to transparency and legal compliance frames our approach to user reviews. This ensures alignment with regulations from the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and prevailing consumer protection laws, all working towards consumer safety.

In adherence to these regulations, we have certain exclusions for published reviews:

  1. Complimentary Product Recipients: While we occasionally provide selected customers with free items or discounts, we understand this could potentially impact the impartiality of their reviews. Consequently, reviews from customers who acknowledge receiving such perks are not published.
  2. Health Claims Regarding Our Supplements: Our products fall under the category of dietary supplements, which prohibits us from making or publishing any claims about disease treatment, prevention, or mitigation.
  3. Unsubstantiated Product Assertions: We respect the trust users place in our products, and as such, we are accountable for the claims made in their reviews. If a review suggests benefits unsupported by scientific evidence, we choose to exclude it from publication.
  4. Reports of Adverse Health Events: Any reviews linking our product to a negative health outcome warrant thorough, formal investigation, as required by the FDA. These incidents should be handled offline, rather than in a review.